The best inheritance we can leave to our children, to future generations, is a better planet. And, for this, it is necessary that we take care of it day by day. At Yria we are clear about it and, therefore, we want to do our bit by making our company much more sustainable, making our warehouse 90% self-managed from an energy point of view. A small but, at the same time, a big step in these times of crisis. Those of us who move in large cities, such as Madrid, have verified that, within the serious crisis that this pandemic has caused, this stoppage has resulted in a reduction in pollution levels. By resuming activity, with more or less normality, we have become aware – if we have not already done so – that it is necessary to work together and contribute, to the extent of our possibilities, to improve the environment. And we have got down to work. Reduce energy consumption and sustainable transport At Yria we are aware of the resources consumed by a business like ours, where beer refrigeration is essential to keep it in perfect condition and that when it arrives at the hospitality establishments or your homes you can enjoy of her to the fullest. However, it is possible to carry out actions to reduce the energy consumption necessary to maintain these quality levels. In our case, we have opted for two strategies: the installation of solar panels and insulation in our warehouse in Valdemoro (Madrid) and the use of a gas-powered vehicle to carry out the deliveries. With the installation of solar panels, we are committed to a renewable energy source, much more efficient, with which we achieve lower energy consumption. In addition, insulation is the perfect complement to this power supply system, since it will allow us to reduce consumption and optimize the temperature inside the warehouse. In addition, the use of a gas-powered vehicle is an ecological alternative, since it allows us to increase its autonomy and reduce emissions of CO2, NOX and other suspended particles, responsible for the greenhouse effect. Thanks to this commitment to energy self-management and an alternative fuel for transportation, we will reduce our company’s carbon footprint and make our modest contribution to the fight against climate change.

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