It seems like yesterday when we started seven Febreros ago, manufacturing two hundred liters at the Tyris facility. Practically inaugurating the Nomad manufacturing system in Spain. It seems like yesterday when we were delivering with a small car and little Yria in her car. Seven years that flew by and that, at the same time, seem like a world. A company created in the midst of a crisis, without resources, Ani and Ernesto, Ernesto and Ani. Surrounded by a lot of good people that we have met along the way. We believe this deserves a celebration, and it will be. We propose starting February with a full-blown beer week. At the moment, three events have been confirmed, and as many are in the making. We will be completing the entry with the new confirmations, stay tuned! It will be a pleasure to blow out the candles with everyone, thank you for being there.

Saturday 4 (Noon): We started at the Be Hoppy Frog market, the one that we eventually opened more than a year ago. We can’t think of a better place. On Almadén street 18. For those who do not know, the Ranas Market takes place on the first Saturday of each month in the Barrio de las Letras, and it is the day that the shops go out. There will be an aperitif and surprises. We also release a very special beer.

Saturday 4 (Late night): We will blow out the candles at home. Anniversary party in Chinaski Lavapies, on Calle de la Fe 19. One of our projects, carried out together with our partner Toño, from the legendary Chinaski Guadalajara. There will be cake, and surprises, and special kegs on the taps.

Friday 10, Saturday 11, Sunday 12: from Friday afternoon, until Sunday lunch, the highlight of the week. We will fill the Vallehermoso Market with beer, laughter, and good food. We will have the presence of beer friends, and with the complicity of the merchants, who will make the call an obligatory plan of that weekend. A market to discover, with great restaurants, beer bars, restaurants for celiacs, gourmets, Italians, Mexicans ….. popular prices and special and normal beers. Everyone will feel invited.

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