Yria distribution

We started in 2010 considering ourselves as one of the first micro-distributors in the peninsula

History of our distributor

We started our journey by distributing our own brand of beers of the same name. Later some of the best national brands, especially friends, joined the incorporation.

In 2013 we went up one more step by becoming Zombier distributors in the central peninsula area, starting to work with import brands.

Since 2016, we have incorporated national and European ciders into our catalog, as well as other products derived from beer; beer cream, jam, gin etc.

How we work?

We distribute within the national territory (Spain), mainly in the Community of Madrid and Castilla la Mancha.

Once the merchandise is in our facilities, the delivery takes place between 24-28h, Madrid and 48h throughout Spain from the receipt of the order. We also carry out international shipments within the European territory.

We have a 100 m³ refrigerated chamber where the beer is at the ideal storage temperature, guaranteeing the highest quality in our products.

Our catalogue

We have a wide catalog of quality beer, produced by small independent producers. Complemented with cider and beer products


We work in the distribution of more than 25 national and international beer brands


We recently added national and European cider brands to our catalog


We have other products made from beer: Beer cream, jam, beer gin, etc.

Our work

We distribute to stores focused on restaurants, food stores, specialized stores, national market stalls, etc. We will also deal with the end customer, through our own online store, under development.

First brands

We work in the distribution of more than 25 national and international beer brands


We distribute your orders quickly and efficiently in national (Spain) and European territory from 24 hours after receiving the order

Cold room

Our products are at the ideal storage temperature, thanks to our 100 m³ refrigerated chamber


Would you like to have our brands in your establishment?


Our brands

We work with more than 25 national and international brands of beers, cider and beer derivatives.

Yria Beer
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