Hi! Today we resume Yria’s saga. In the second post we talked about the beer brewed until that moment. Today we are going to tell you about the products we make by using beer, our productos derived from beer: beer jam! Yeah, baby! Beer jam! To begin with, we will tell you a interesting data: the jam is made of beer, our beer. Let’s see, the jam is made with three ingredients:

  • beer

  • sugar

  • natural pectin

Indeed, it is a reduction of beer with sugar and the pectin gives the jam the accurate texture. The curious thing about it is that it has no alcohol, it has less sugar than the common jams, which means it has a lot of beer.We carry out its making in a factory of Murcia, like the nomad format, the same way we brew our beers. Now, we have made two beer jam types:

  • Porter beer jam

  • Golden Ale beer jam

Now we have available in the online shop the second one, the Golden Ale beer jam:


When we have available again the Porter one we will tell you about it. Meanwhile, we want to remind you that we also have available our collaboration beer with De Molen. If you don’t know about this, here you have the post we wrote about this beer some weeks ago: https://www.cervezasyria.com/2017/12/26/de-molen-yria-oye-ohja/?lang=en

Our collaboration with De Molen is called Oye! & Ohja! Baltic Porter beer of law level fermentation with hints of liqourice roots. Limited. Here you have the design of the beer label and the link of the online shop:



Enjoy! See u!

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