The mead market has been experiencing a significant boom for, above all, a couple of years. Following the trend set by the United States and the Nordic countries, mead has ceased to be “meat” of medieval fairs to claim the place it deserves in the market. At Yria we have been betting for a long time on this product and, although some of you already know it, today we want to present you our Purple Haze Blackcurrant, a melomel style mead with fresh black currant and four years of aging. The road to Purple Haze Those of you who have known us for years know that we are huge fans of mead, which we already made in our early days. For many years, the market for this product was very limited, both in consumption and in production, especially within the brewing world, which we understood could have great synergy with this product. Even so, in 2014 we bet on it again, launching a collaboration with In Peccatum called Sixpounder, which attracted a lot of attention for being one of the first creations of its kind within the brewing world. Even so, on a commercial level it was still anecdotal, although we began to see that something was changing. Fortunately, for a couple of years, the market has been evolving, the sector is becoming more professional and the product has been valued. Again we decided to jump right in. In collaboration with one of the most important Polish mead companies, Apis, we launched Yria / Apis The meading of life methegling, with natural honey of a thousand flowers, one part for every two of water, and a subsequent maturation of 2 years. With a subtle hint of herbs and apple juice, added during the process, which gives a unique aroma and flavor. And finally, we come to our latest release: Purple Haze. What are you going to find in this mead? Our Purple Haze mead is, as we mentioned, melomel style. What does this mean? Well, it is a mead with fruit, specifically with 200 g / liter of fresh black currant, without extracts, with 16% alcohol. In addition, it has been previously matured for four years in stainless steel tanks until it is launched on the market, in 75 cl bottles. In a limited series of 87 bottles, and which is intended to be the first of a series of experimental beers, in a more modern line. Its appearance is slightly cloudy, viscous and of a very marked red / purplish tone. On the nose, you will find full fruit, with a touch of alcohol and a taste between sweet and acid. And we do not forget the pairings. It is perfect to take with desserts, especially with cheesecake, but also with ice cream and cookies. If you want to try it, you will have to hurry because we already have a large part of the production reserved. Ask us about it!

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