In these days of confinement, and thanks to the work of beer manufacturers and distributors, many of you have been able to enjoy a good craft beer at home, despite the closure of the catering establishments. If this had happened just over a century ago, when packaging did not exist, the issue would have been a bit more difficult, at least, until the arrival of the “growler”. Do you know the history of this container that, today, is a trend again? Well, pay attention, we will tell you. And not only that, but we also announce that we are starting with this format. Read on for the details. A container to drink at home. During the 19th century, beer was mainly consumed in breweries or in those manufacturing factories that had created a small bar, that is, what we know today as a “taproom”. However, we do not know well if because consumers demanded it or because brewers realized that there was an excellent opportunity to increase their sales if they devised a container so that customers could take the beer home, the truth is that it ended up appearing the “growler” format on the market. Its name comes from the English verb “to growl” which literally means to growl. There are several theories about this name. Some say that it is because of the sound that the carbon dioxide made when uncovering the container to drink it. Others say that it was because of the discussions between the bartender and the consumer because the former filled them with less quantity than what really fit and that earned them a grunt from the buyers. Be that as it may, the “growler”, which fell into disuse with the emergence of the mass distribution of beer during the 20th century, has recovered its former splendor thanks to the craft beer sector, where its use has become popular, first in states. United and, later, in Europe. Back to good manners: Yria launches the refillable growler format. For those of us who are already a little less young, it will not be difficult for us to remember the purchase of bulk products carrying our own packaging, so common in the time of our grandparents. Concepts in high demand today, such as reuse and recycling, as well as the commitment to sustainability, were already a reality at that time, when the term “disposable” barely existed. The use of this type of packaging recovers this essence. It is a fantastic way, not only to contribute to caring for the environment by reusing the container, but also to provide that romantic point of going to the distribution point to fill the “growler” with our favorite beer and enjoy it at home. Although some growlers are true works of art, at Cervezas Yria we wanted to bet on this simple – cheap – and functional 1 liter format, in topaz glass with a screw cap. The system, while it lasts in confinement, is very simple. You request your growler within the letter we offer, we take it home at an adjusted price and with a deposit for the container. In subsequent orders, we will collect the growler from you when we deliver another one and proceed to disinfect it using active oxygen. You can personalize yours with stickers or a name, to make sure that only you use it, or keep it for any use. In the future you can also come to our warehouse to fill them, we have an exciting taproom project that we will tell you about

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