Beer and whiskey have many things in common. They have common ingredients and their production process begins in a similar way: malting, cooking and fermenting. To obtain whiskey, the fermented wort is distilled to separate the water from the alcohol, but what happens if what we distil is beer? Well, we get another product, called Bierbrand, a drink similar to whiskey but containing hops. It is what the Belgians, from which the tradition of making this product was born, know as “eau de vie de bière”. You already know that at Yria we are involved in a parallel project, which is Sackman, where we unite the world of malts and that of hops. It is with them that we make Briebrand Sackman, so if you are curious about this drink and you want to try it, you know where to do it. Bierbrand Sackman is a distillate of our Imperial Porter beer, matured with shavings from American oak barrels. The result is a 38% vol drink with an intense and tempting spirit and a distinctive aroma and flavor, which you can enjoy alone or as part of different cocktails to which the hops will give a very special touch. And, although there is still a long way to go, there are many bartenders who are betting, more and more, on the notes provided by the hops with which beers are made and, therefore, this type of distillates. What characterizes a bierbrand? According to European legislation, Bierbrand or “eau-de-vie de bière” is the spirit drink that is obtained exclusively from the direct distillation at normal pressure of fresh beer at an alcoholic strength of less than 86% vol (in the case of Bierbrand Sackman distilled at 68% vol), so that the distillate obtained presents the organoleptic characteristics resulting from beer. It is a product that has at least 38% alcohol by volume and to which flavorings cannot be added, although caramel can be added to adapt the color. In a country with a great brewing tradition, such as Belgium, there are several companies that have opted for these distillates, including Het Anker, the makers of the well-known Golden Carolus brand, which produce an “eau-de-vie de bière” start with your Tripel beer. But they are not the only ones, other Belgian, German and even French manufacturers have included this product in their catalogs and, across the pond, American distillers have emerged that are making spirits from their craft beers. However, to taste a great Bierbrand, as we said, you won’t have to go very far. Just enter our website and place an order from our Bierbrand Sackman. All the traditional Belgian, in a very ours product.

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