Good morning everyone! It’s snowing! (In case you didn’t notice it yet.) How are u? We keep working in spite of raining and snowing.

First of all, we want to say thank you so much for coming to the II MINI INTERNATIONAL FEST held during the past weekend at Chinaski in spite of the weather. Thank you so much for sharing the weekend with us!



We also want to thank the breweries and the brewers from Magic Rock, Bierol, CR/AK and Wild beer for coming to take part in the fest and beeing with you. You know we, the brewers, love being in these events: good atmosphere…–>








            <–  …good beer…










                                                 …and especially the great people like you (wink, wink.) –>














You know how this works, the speech of the guest brewers is a must.

We want you to get to know the brewers and to be close to each other, since the aim of these events is not only drinking beer, but also knowing your opinions and impressions. Your opinion is very important for us, since it helps us to improver and know your tastes in regard to future beers and events.




In the same way there were beers, there wasa lot of food too. Beer pairing is big world that can make the experience even better. Great beer must bee paired with great food! On september, in the first mini fest there was food too, so in this second mini fest too. Always trying to reach the best so you have fun and meet again in the next event.







We are so happy with the result of the mini fest in spite of the weather. We had a total blust and prove of it are the imagenes:

We hope to see you again at Chinaski Lavapies. Our frind of Chinaski are at your disposal to serve you the best beers paired with the best food.











In addition, we want to remind you that you have already available in the online shop nthe UFO FEST tickets that is to be held on April. Hurry up! Take yours now! It seems there’s a lot of time yet, but people is already making plans for April. Here you have the links of the online shop for the tickets of UFO FEST:

 Sunday 22:…aturday-april-22/

Satturday 21:…aturday-april-21/




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