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  • Feb192018

    I UFO FEST (II):

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    Dear all, UFO changes its location and format.

    The final location is going to be at our friends house  Compañía de Cervezas del Valle del Kahs, a comfortable and versatile place, well connected to Madrid city centre via “Metro” (Subway) and bus. A pleasant location where we move our first fest that is so especial for us.

    The breweries, timetable, condition and offer will remain the same. Since the capacity is less, we have decided to change the system of bracelet and all included for a system of tokens.

    In any case, we will be glad for having you all in the event, we are going to give our best to make sure this change is an improvement.

    We apologize for this inconvinient, which we coulnd’t avoid to happen.

    Regards fron all the Yria Team.

    Cervezas Yria
  • Feb112018

    Yria (III): Our beer products

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    Hi! Today we resume Yria’s saga. In the second post we talked about the beer brewed until that moment. Today we are going to tell you about the products we make by using beer, our productos derived from beer: beer jam! Yeah, baby! Beer jam! To begin with, we will tell you a interesting data: the jam is made of beer, our beer. Let’s see, the jam is made with three ingredients:

    • beer

    • sugar

    • natural pectin

    Indeed, it is a reduction of beer with sugar and the pectin gives the jam the accurate texture. The curious thing about it is that it has no alcohol, it has less sugar than the common jams, which means it has a lot of beer.We carry out its making in a factory of Murcia, like the nomad format, the same way we brew our beers. Now, we have made two beer jam types:

    • Porter beer jam

    • Golden Ale beer jam

    Now we have available in the online shop the second one, the Golden Ale beer jam:


    When we have available again the Porter one we will tell you about it. Meanwhile, we want to remind you that we also have available our collaboration beer with De Molen. If you don’t know about this, here you have the post we wrote about this beer some weeks ago: https://www.cervezasyria.com/2017/12/26/de-molen-yria-oye-ohja/?lang=en

    Our collaboration with De Molen is called Oye! & Ohja! Baltic Porter beer of law level fermentation with hints of liqourice roots. Limited. Here you have the design of the beer label and the link of the online shop:



    Enjoy! See u!

    Cervezas Yria
  • Nov102017

    1st UFO FEST

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    Good morning! We have some good news to help you overcome Monday. We are excited to announce … (drum roll)

    …the 1st UFO FEST! Although there is a long way yet because the fest is going to be next year and there are many things to prepare yet. Now you know, make room in your schedule the 21-22 April  2018, Saturday and Sunday respectively. There’re no excuses!

    We cannot tell you more things yet, since we are still putting the final touches and finishing some details to prepare a great fest, in which you will have a lot of fun. Here you have the poster as a little foretaste. As we have already said, it is going to be on April 21 and 22 from 13:00 to 23:00 at Mad Brewing in Madrid. We will have international breweries and, as always, good beers in vast quantities!

    In addition, we are well accompained, since we count with the collaboration of Mad Brewing and the invaluable help of Zombier, who promise to bring interesting things in can and bottle for the 1st UFO FEST.

    We are eager and looking forward the date to arrive. We had this great desire of carrying out a fest like this in Madrid. We don’t stop, it is beyond us!



    Enough for today! Pay attention to the blog, more details will be announced as the time approaches.

    Meanwhile, you have beer for a while in the online shop. Some weeks ago, we announced there will be Stille Nach 2015, 2016 and 2017 by De Dolle and Black Albert and Cuveé Delphine by De Stryuse, well, they are already here! Waiting is over! You have them available in the online shop in the following links:


    Also, you ahev available the Pack  De Struise + De Dolle that includes all the beers above, just follow the link: https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/pack-de-struise-stille-nacht/

    We remind you that we have limited stock of this beers. So, do not think it twice, beers will fly!



    Something more, last thing for this week, habemus event this weekend! As they say, time flies. It has been two years since we began to walk with our friends from Chinaski Lavapiés. 2nd Anniversary! So, there will be an anniversary event at Chinaski Lavapiés. Take a look at Chinaski Lavapiés Facebook (@chinaskilabapies), they will tell you about it during the week. Do not miss it! You are all invited to celebrate with us!



    See you next week!


    Cervezas Yria
  • Oct022017


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    Good morning, dear readers! How was the weekend? Our weekend was too short, what about yours? Well, well, don’t worry we have another long weekend soon. Today we have news:

    Yria has new image!

    We wanted to take a step forward for too long. To begin with, after seven years, we already have our own caps with Yria’s logo:

    In addition, we have redeisgn Yria’s T-Shirt too:

    By the way, it is already avaiable in the online-shop. As it is explained in the description, you have to tell us the size you want in the “Order Notes” section, which you will find when finishing the shop. The sizes are S, M, L, XL. Here you have the link: https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-camiseta/

    We have also redesing the image of our jams. Yes, we also make jam of beer. Until now, we have made two favours: Golden Ale and Porter. Yum! Now, the Golden Ale jam is available in the online shop: https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-mermela-golden-150-gr/

    After all these time, we were eager to share our enthusiasm and hapinnes with all of you.

    We want also to tell you about Tapapiés, a multicultural dest of “tapas” and music that takes place in Lavapiés from 19th to 29th, October.

    Our Friends from Chinaski Lavapiés take part in the event. Look what they have for you:

    A “tapa”, with vegan option, made with butterfish and papaya with rye beard, kumquat and Chia sedes. Looks good, right? This ad more “tapas” are waiting for you there.  Enjoy!

    Lastly, a little preview, this weekend is the opening of Falken Beer Club, in which Yria has colaborated. So, ¡we are going to Vitoria! You know we don’t stop! We will tell you more about it when we come back. However, if you have the opportunity, come and visit us the 28th October at Falken Beer Club!  See you next Monday!


    Cervezas Yria
  • Sep252017

    Dieu du Ciel!: Waiting is over! (II)

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    Dear readers, we come back with Dieu du Ciel! Today we have good news for you, the waiting is over: habemus beers!

    Today we want Hoy os presentamos los cervezotes llegados del otro lado del océano:

    1. Moralité 6.9% (American IPA):

    This beer is brewed with a daring quatity of Simcoe, Citra and Centennial hops. The dry finish is highly aromatic and slightly resinous, invoking tropical fruits atop dominant hop bitterness.

    1. Blanche du Paradis 5.5% (Belgian Wheat Ale):

    An unfiltered wheat beer brewed with coriander and Curaçao orange peel. A delicate and refreshing bouquet of citrus and spice floats atop toasted bread aromas, accompanied by a subtle touch of acidity provided by the wheat.

    1. Disco Soleil 6.5% (Kumquat IPA):

     Refreshing kumquat immerses the palate with citrus and tropical fruit, while biting hops interplay with bready malt, together with a final touch of acidity from the kumquat zest.

    1. Rosée d’hibiscus 5.9% (Belgian Hibiscus wheat):

    A delicate wheat beer with a floral and lightly acidic character. Its beautiful pink colour comes from the hibiscus flowers used in the brewing process. A perfumed aroma invokes fresh pink grapefruit.

    1. Dernière Volonté (7%) Belgian IPA

     It presents a complex, floral nose with boozy undertones, accompanied by fruity and slightly malty aromas. A powerful bouquet of hops is also immediately apparent. It presents strong flavours of spice and citrus, followed by an assertively hoppy finish.

    Here you have these new beers, each more curious and interesting than the other, We hope you like them as much as we do. If you behave well, we will bring you more beers.

    See you!


    Cervezas Yria
  • Sep182017

    Dieu du Ciel!: history and curiosities (I)

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    Dear readers, who read us with burning enthusiasm! After catching your attention with the 1st Mini Fest at Chinaski Lavapiés, we want to surprise you again. Today, we introduce you to a Canadian brewery: Dieu du Ciel!

    The reason why we write a blog post about this Canadian brewery is… (drum roll) …¡¡¡They will be with us soon in flesh and bones and bottles!!! Today we are going to tell you about the deeds of this brewery, so you get to know them a bit.

    Our story begins in 1991 at Jean-François’ home, who developed his passion and interest in beer and brewing as a career by brewing experiments. But it wouldn’t be until 1995 when Jean-François met Stephane Ostiguy during a research project at the Armand-Frappier Institute. And voilá! On the eleventh of September, 1998, they open a pub called Dieu du Ciel! In Montreal (Quebec, Canada). Here you have some photos of the pub, so you can imagine it:

    Since then, they have been only growing, creating Dieu Du Ciel Microbrery Inc. Located at St. Jerome (Quebec, Canada). Then, they unite forces with Luc Boivin (an electro-mechanic with impressive home-brewing) and Isabelle Charbonney (marketing). In St. Jerome, they started brewing their own beer, which as first served on 2008. They continue growing to this day, developing their passion for the craft beer and sharing it with their Community and through international expansion as well.

    Their selection of craft beers is quite wide: from Sentinelle (Kölsch, a german Pale Ale), Moralité (American IPA), their Imperial Coffe Stout Péché Mortel or one of their most cheered beers Aphrodisiaque (Cocoa & Vanilla Stout).

    Well, enough for today. Yes, you read that right. We have not finish yet, we have more wonders to tell you about these Canadian. See you in the next post.

    Cervezas Yria
  • Jan212017

    Dry and bitter Tour Yria Aniversario

    Poco a poco desvelamos los eventos que compondrán nuestro aniversario del 4 al 11 de Febrero

    No hace tanto han abierto un nuevo local, con muchos medios y mucho oficio. El Sainete viene para quedarse, y nosotros tendremos el honor de inaugurar su sala de eventos.

    Soren, fundador y cervecero de Dry and Bitter estará todo el fin de semana con nosotros. Podremos probar sus creaciones, algunas muy limitadas que nos envía a propósito, y conversar con él para conocer un poco más sus cervezas y su proyecto.

    Plazas muy limitadas.

    Si no quieres o no puedes asistir a la cena no te preocupes, habrá un evento meet the brewer posterior donde se podrán tomar las cervezas del evento .

    Día a día seguiremos informando.

    esperamos veros a todas y a todos



    Cervezas Yria
  • Jan052017

    ¡Llegan los Reyes! sacando el fondo de armario de la cámara.

    Hoy es un día especial, y aunque imaginamos ya que los Reyes son los padres no deja nunca de hacernos ilusión.
    Por eso, desde Yria hemos decidido sacar parte de nuestro pequeño fondo de armario, y ofreceros un catálogo muy especial, lleno de cositas envejecidas, o algunas series ultralimitadas.
    Podeis reservar escribiéndonos al facebook, o al correo yriadistribucion@cervezasyria.com, enviamos a toda España, y a parte del extranjero.


    Cervezas Yria
  • Oct252016

    Mercado de Vallehermoso el 11, 12 y 13 de Noviembre

    Algunos recordarán, hace ya cuatro años, la que liamos en el Mercado de San Fernando con el aniversario de Cervezorama. Eran otros tiempos,claro. Aquel día 60 barriles cayeron en acto de combate. Muchos inéditos por el foro. Aunque ahora la disponibilidad de birras en los locales es mucho mayor, y más difícil sorprender, nos sigue encantando el formato mercado. Así que, ni cortos ni perezosos, la liamos esta vez en el Mercado de Vallehermoso el 11, 12 y 13 de Noviembre.

    Un estupendo mercado tradicional, absolutamente renovado pero conservando el sabor de los mercados tradicionales de abastos. Parte de nuestra cultura que no se debe perder.

    El concepto es sencillo y nada invasivo. Iremos intercalando grifos de cerveza entre los puestos. En algunos casos entraremos en dichos puestos. Propondremos maridajes, actividades paralelas y probar cervezas normales, diferentes, rubias, rojas, negras, tostadas, amargas, dulces, ¿helado de cerveza?, sidras, hidromieles, catas….

    Por supuesto colaborando con los que están defendiendo la cultura cervecera desde allí: Drakkar, La virgen, Prost…

    • Por aquí una pequeña avanzadilla, de lo que se puede hacer. Seguiremos informando:
    • Desde Drakkar nos proponen, entre otros, una pinchada de las cervezas de Reptilian, sus nuevas creaciones, y las limitadas colaboraciones que se ha traído del Reino Unido.
    • La Virgen nos ofrece, además de sus estupendas cervezas habituales, un par de grifos de cervezas californianas para amargar al personal.
    • Desde Prost, pinchada de Naparbier con algunas de sus novedades y clásicos de siempre.
    • En Kitchen 154, uno de los puestos gastronómicos punteros, podreis maridar la Dougall’s Raquera con un plato servido ad hoc.
    • Igual en Washoku, el lugar de comida japonesa, podreis armonizar las birras de Cervezas Medina, incluída una picante ¿cómo no?
    • Luis Vida, enólogo, sumiller y creador del Blog La copa equivocada. Realizará una cata de cervezas y vinos, buscando los difusos límites de estos dos apasionantes mundos ¿por qué renunciar a uno? por 20 euros a las 12:00 del sábado.
    • Y la gente de Hop cream refrescarán el ambiente, trayéndonos sus deliciosas variedades de helados de cerveza y, solo para la ocasión, un estupendo helado con una de nuestras colaboraciones ¿adivinas cual?

    En los espacios comunes podréis encontrar varias barras más, temáticas, donde podréis tomar todo tipo de cerveza servida por profesionales, con cristalería adecuada y la mejor atención.

    Si el plan les apetece, sigan sintonizados, nosotros seguiremos informando.

    Cervezas Yria

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