• Jan122018

    More news of Dark Horse

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    Morning! How were your holidays? Have the Three Wise Men brought you gifts? We have many gifts from them and they even leave a gift for you all: Dark Horse! The beers are here and you have them available in the online shop from now.

    So, today we are going to finish with Dark Horse. In the first post about Dark Horse, we told you who Dark Horse was and how it was born. Moreover, we dropped some pieces of bread for you to know how their beers are. Now, we are going to show you all the available beers. The ones we told you in the other post and the new ones. Here you have everything, together with the links:

    Crooked Tree IPA



    ABV: 6.5%


    Crooked Tree by Dar Horse is a IPA craft beer heavily dry hopped to give it a big aroma of pine and citrus. The flavors are big, yet very balanced between fresh hops and malt. Often described as “grapefruit,” our hops give this beer an excellent citrus flavor that finishes dry, crisp, and clean. Due to our unique dry-hopping methods it has won several medals in the India Pale Ale category.

    Raspberry Ale (with raspberries added)




    Raspberry Ale by Dark Horse is an Ale craft beer with added raspberries. This beer is a light bodied, easy drinking ale. We use real raspberries late in fermentation, giving this beer a mild fruit flavor while keeping a very balanced malt profile.

    Reserve Special Black Ale



    IBU: 67

    The Reserve Special Black Ale by Dark Horse is a Porter craft beer. It  is the oldest beer in the Dark Horse portfolio. This beer is dark, flavours of malt-roast and chocolate. The Reserve Special Black Ale drinks like a porter and finishes like a stout, so it fits nicely into the category of a delicious strong black ale.

    Belgian Style Amber Ale


    ABV: 5.5%


    Belgian Style Amber Ale by Dark Horse is an Amber Ale craft beer. While the malt and hops give this beer an amazing copper color, medium body, and a smooth mouth feel; it’s the yeast that sets this one apart from other amber ales. Inspired by Belgium’s beer, this beer has a little Belgian touch by using an “almost Belgian” yeast strain producing similar esters and flavors commonly found in more traditional Belgian beers

    Dark Horse Boffo Brown

     https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/dark-horse-boffo-brown/ ‎

    ABV: 7.0%

    IBU: 26

    Boffo Brown is a favorite to many of us here at the brewery. Like most of our beers, it’s robust full body and soft mouth feel is pushing the envelope of what an American Brown Ale is to most people. Flavors begin with malt, caramel, toffee, and finish with a nutty, mild earthiness.

    Dark Horse Scotty Karate Scotch Ale


    ABV: 9.75%

    IBU: 26

    Scotty Karate Scotch Ale by Dark Horse is an Ale craft beer. For those of you who don’t know who “Scotty Karate” is… He is a local one man band who plays an amazing slurry of honky-tonk influenced, punk-country songs. A big bold musician deserves a big bold beer, that’s why Scotty and our Scotch Ale are a perfect tribute to one another. Scotty Karate is brewed with cherry wood smoked malt instead of the traditional peat smoked malt offering up warming notes of coffee, caramel and sweet caramelized brown sugar. Scotty finishes earthy giving this beer a character all it’s own, just like the man himself.

    Silver medal winner 2007 Great American Beer Festival.

    Dark Horse 4 Elf Winter Warmer



    ABV: 8.75%

    IBU: 36

    4 Elf by Darh Horse is an Ale craft beer. Spicy aromas like cinnamon and clove. Balanced between malt, hops, and spice at 8.75% ABV.

    Dark Horse Scary Jesus Rockstar

     https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/dark-horse-scary-jesus-rockstar/ ‎


    ABV: 6.5%

    IBU: 24

    Scary Jesus Rockstar by Dark Horse is a Pale Ale craft beer. This collaboration beer made with Chef Cleetus Friedman of Chicago’s Fountainhead will save your soul and then melt your face off. Aromas of chamomile. A tasty riff of sweet and earthy fresh apricots hit your palate and rock your tastebuds finishing dry and hoppy.

    Dark Horse Tres Blueberry Stout


    ABV: 7.5%

    IBU: 20

    Number three in our stout series, this stout is full-bodied and brewed with all malted barley and fresh blueberries added after fermentation. The nose is where you will begin to realize this stout is in a league of its own. Blueberry, chocolate and roasted aromas lead the way to a very pleasant drinking experience which leaves you wanting the next November to arrive sooner than last year.

    Dark Horse Plead the 5th

     https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/dark-horse-plead-the-5th/ ‎

    ABV: 11.0%

    IBU: 41

    Plead the 5th by Dark Horse is a Russian Imperial Stout craft beer. Our Russian Imperial Stout is pitch black in color with a faint tan head that immediately identifies this beer as BIG. Aromas of dark fruits, chocolate, caramel and roast also make it even bigger. Roasted coffee and fruity chocolate notes are just the beginning of this beers complex flavor. You have the right to enjoy or remain silent (ha, ha!)

    Dark Horse One Oatmeal Stout


    ABV: 7.0%

    IBU: 30

    One Oatmeal by Dark Horse is an Oatmeal Stout. Number one in a series of five stouts produced to help ease you through the cold and grey Midwestern winters. This beer is full bodied and made with oats. You will find hints of chocolate, roasted barley, and coffee flavors.

    Dark Horse Fore Smoked Stout


    ABV: 7.0%

    IBU: 22

    Number four in our stout series, this beer is brewed with all malted barley and hardwood smoked malt. Aromas of smoked chocolate and coffee leave way to a full-bodied stout with a smokey finish.

    There you have everything. All the beers that the Three Wise Men have left you here. They have been really good, right? If you want to know more about Dark Horse, this is their webpage: http://www.darkhorsebrewery.com/

    See you!

    Cervezas Yria
  • Dec182017

    Yria(II): our beers!

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    Good morning everyone! Only one week left for Christmas, this year on Monday. Don’t tell me! You are looking forward that marvellous Christmas Monday, right? The final countdown has begun!

    Weel, well, we have kept our word. As we said in the firts post of Yria’s serie, we are going to tell you about our brewer side. We introduce you to our beers, together with the links of the online shop.

    100% YRIA

    YRIA FLOW (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-flow/)


    • Vol. 9.5%
    • 300 ml
    • Yria Flow is one our most classic and beloved recipes. An Imperial Porter beer with 9% witht the lupulation of Black IPA but the malt base of a strong Porter. This beer has an intense aroma and dark colour. Brewed with a lot of love and flow.





    YRIA UFO (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-ufo/)



    • IPA
    • Vol. 6.0%
    • 330 ml.
    • Yria UFO is our new American India Plae Ale craft beer. Dried, bitter and easily drinkable. Centennial Edition!





    YRIA MANGO MAN (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-mango-man-2/)



    • IPA
    • Vol. 5.8%
    • 330 ml
    • IPA craft beer, slightly turbid and flavoured with Mango and a good quantity on Citra and Simcoe hops.








    • Xtra Pale Ale
    • Vol. 6.0%
    • 330 ml
    • A refreshing Pale Ale flavoured with tangerine and Citra and Mandarine Bavaria hops. Enjoy and repeat!





    YRIA DEVA (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-deva/)


    • Mead
    • Vol. 9.0%
    • 330 ml.
    • This dry mead was brewed with ecological honey of thyme. Aroma of ceral, thyme and citric. Flavour of fruit, spices and bitterness. It is advisable to drink this beer cold.





    Yria Prototype #1 (Soon)

    • Blond Ale
    • Vol. 5.5%
    • Blond Ale beer of mixed fermentation and fermented again in barrel of wine.



    Las colaboraciones son la mejor manera de encontrar sinergias entre cerveceros de marcas tanto nacionales como internacionales. Consisten en hacer una cerveza maquinando una receta entre dos o más cerveceros, y fabricarla en «casa» de alguno. Muchas veces son de ida y vuelta.

    En ellas siempre intentamos realizar estilos alejados de nuestra zona de confort. Donde aprender nuevas técnicas, manejar nuevos equipos… y pasar un rato agradable. Por eso suelen ser una práctica habitual.

    En este apartado os presentamos las colaboraciones que hemos realizado hasta ahora. Algunas de ellas ya están disponibles en la tienda online y otras están todavía en proceso de elaboración.


    YRIA/YAKKA VALYRIA (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-yakka-valyria/)

    • Imperial Wit
    • Vol. 7.1%
    • 330 ml
    • SEASONAL. Brewed every spring
    • A collaboration with our friends from Yakka.
    • A golden beer of high fermentation. Intense, enjoyable and sweet as well as drinkable. Its shot is warm, its depth is spicy and fresh. A gentle final bitterneess and an amazing fruit and flower aroma.


    • Water, barley maly (Pilsen, Munich and Carahell), wheat malt, unmalted wheat, hops, yeast, kumquats and coriander.




    YRIA / YAKKA / REPTILIAN / FALKEN / TEMPEL THE FIGHT ELEMENT (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yriayakkareptilianfalkentempel-fight-elements/)

    • Barrel Aged Saison
    • Vol. 7.1%
    • 330 ml
    • SEASONAL. Brewed once a year.
    •  Multiple collaboration between friends! Temple Brygghus, Yria Cerveza Artesanal, Reptilian Brewery, Falken y Cervezas Yakka, Monastrell barrel magic and saison yeast with the figs as Darbyste style.







    • Saison
    • Vol. 7.0%
    • 300ml
    • A collaboration with H2ÖL to get a refreshing and saison beer inspired in the famous cocktail.








    YRIA/ CR/AK/OITABA COLINA SATANTONIO OLD ALE (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-crak-oitaba-colina-satantonio-old-ale/)

    • Old Ale
    • Vol. 10.6%
    • 330 ml
    • Satantonio is a craft beer brewed in collaboration by Yria, CR/AK (Italy) and Oitaba Colina (Portugal). A traditional Old Ale british beer with 10.6%, the elegant smoked of the whisky malt and a touch of Moscatel of Setúbal, belonging to a great and small winery that makes marvelous wines.





    YRIA/REPTILIAN THE NUCLEAR MUTANT BEASTS! VS. THE GIANT REPTILIAN FROM HELL! (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-reptilian-the-nuclear-mutant-beast-vs-the-giant-reptilian-from-hell/)


    • Black Rye Smoked Imperial IPA Cedar Ammareto Aged
    • 14.0%
    • The first of the Yria+Reptilian trilogy!
    • This wild and brutal beer brewed between mutant beasts and giant reptiles coming from hell. What’s this? This is a beer that combines rye cereal and barley with a Black IPA style, which is DIPA, smoked and amaretto BA. It has many hints such as wood rye, barley, hop chocolate, smoked, coffe and some fruit. A complex beer not suitable for any palate. 180 IBUs.



    YRIA/REPTILIAN THEE BEER NINJA CLAN VS. THE ZOMBIE VIKING ARMY! (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yriareptilian-disciples-of-the-beer-ninja-clan-vs-zombie-viking-army/)


    • Braggot
    • Vol. 16.0%
    • 330 ml
    • This braggot was brewed by Yria and Reptilian. It is the second part of Yria and Reptiliand Trilogy. Brewed with rye malt and barrel aged with soaked rum oak. Aroma of rum, honey and vanilla.






    • Baltic Porter
    • Vol. 10.0%
    • This Baltic Porter was brewed by Yria and Reptilian is the third of Yria and Reptilian Trilogy. Brewed with cocoa, strawberries, brandy and strawberries liquor. Brandy barrel aged. A complex and silky back beer.



    YRIA/KELTIUS SIXPOUNDER MEAD (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-keltius-sixpounder-hidromiel-bourbon-barrel-aged/)

    • Hidromiel
    • Vol. 23.0%
    • 330 ml.
    • 500 ml. (Bourbon Barrel Aged)
    • This mead was brewed according to the traditional Nordic Style in collaboration with In Peccatum Craft Beer in their facilities, located in Ourense. It was brewed with ecological chestnut honey, water and yeast (330ml.)
    • Aged in Bourbon barrel as well (500 ml.)
    • Now available in the online shop our Bourbon BA version (500 ml.)  (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-keltius-sixpounder-hidromiel-bourbon-barrel-aged/)




    You may remember the post about Mild beers and the collaboration we made in Santomera. If not, here you have the link: https://www.cervezasyria.com/2017/10/16/collaboration-in-santomera-mild-2/?lang=en. This beer is yet to come. When it is ready, we will tell you with a blog post. Meanwhile, her eyou have some details:

    • Mild Ale
    • Vol. 4.0%



    • DIPA
    • Vol. 8.0%



    • Double Pale Ale Lager
    • Vol. 10.0%
    • ADouble Pala Ale Lager brewed with AhtanunCentennial and Simcoe hops

    Yria/De Molen (Soon)

    • Baltic Porter
    • Vol. 10.0%
    • Baltic Porter of low level fermentation with hints of licorice roots. Available in Spring.
    • LIMITED.
    • This beer is the result of a collaboration, we will tell you about in another post soon!

    These are our current beers and some that are yet to come. If you wish to taste some, you can follow the link and do the shiopping by following the steps. We distribute all over Spain, so you will receive your beers wherever you are. In regard to the beers yet to come, we will share with you their progress by using the blog or our social networks. When they are ready, we will notice you!

    In the same way, if you are interested in selling our products in your establishment, shop, bar or taprrom, etc, we have available our catalogue with all of our products. If you want to receive our catalogue, please contact us by e-mail to yriadistribucion@cervezasyria.com or by telephone 630 461 297. We are at your disposal when it come to providing any information you may need.

    In the next post of Yria’s saga, we will talk about products made from beer. In addition, next week weill be Christmas, we wish you the very best beginning of this beautiful time of the year and tones of beer!

    See you!


    Cervezas Yria
  • Nov242017

    Brewing expedition to Germany: Oktoberfest and Ayinger

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    Good morning! How are you? We are glad to announce we are at the end of November and, the best of all, there will be a marvellous bridge soon. Good way of beginning the week, isn’t it? For this week, we have a one of our stories.

    Today’s story is placed in a city called Munich, Germaany. Every year it is celebrated a beer fest in Munich, most commonly known as “Oktoberfest”. As you know, we never miss a single party, so we headed to those remote territories of the north.

    Originally, the Oktoberfest of Munich was a camel race celebrated in honor of King Ludwig’s wedding. Incredibly, there is an bavarian association of camel farmers, so they thought camel races would be funny. (Indeed, it was funny.) Have a look at the picture below:

    Here you have a photo of the assemblage of the carp with the “Brass Band” at the background. At the begining, having the band playing at the backgrund was funny. However, after some hours and some beers…but the worst came at the end when the german, already drunk, went up the tables. This is a photo of the beginning of the fest, later on the carp was crowded:

    In the following photo, you have part of the expedition of the valiants who dared to travel to Germany:

    And here you have the waitress of the Spanisch table of Ayinger, dressed with the typical clothes of the fest. She had really strong arms:

    In addition, we also visitied Ayinger’s bar, where they were really nice with us and look how curious:

    That’s how they pour the beer. In this photo, they were pouring the a beer from the barrel, the classic way.

    As every year, the year coming the will celebrate the Oktoberfest again. In 2018m, Oktoberfest is going to be held 22 September to 7 October. Here you have the webpage, in case you are thinking of organizing a brewing expedition as well: https://www.oktoberfest.de/en/article/Oktoberfest+2017/About+the+Oktoberfest/Oktoberfest-Calendar+2018/4928/

    Here finish today’s story. Maybe, there will be a second chapter next year. Who knwos?

    Of course, we remembered you all a lot during our stay in Germany and our visit to Ayinger. So, we have brought you some souvenirs, , you’ll love them! Clue: you may drink it (blink, blink.)

    And you have already some of them available in the online shop:

    Ayinger Kirtabier:


    Ayinger Altbairisch Pilsner:


    Ayinger Bairisch Pilsner:


    Ayinger Lager Hell:


    Ayinger Kellerbier:


    Ayinger Jahrhunderbier:


    Ayinger Weizenbock:


    And of course, Ayinger Celebrator:


    As we have said before, these are some of them. Yes, some of them. There’re more! Well, better said, there will be more. In addition to others souvenirs you may not drink, you may use them, or you may drink with it, or maybe, you may wear it… Keep an eye on the blog and the online shop, there will me more souvenirs soon and we will announce it through the blog, as allways.

    See you next week!

    Cervezas Yria
  • Nov202017

    Major Roçadas Distribuçao

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    Good morning! Well, now we are getting to know each other a bit, you know  we are restless…and we don’t stop…and you already know which way the wind is blowing, right? Well, then… there it goes…we have joined with our neighbouring country in a fascinating adventure! Today, we are going to introduce you to our friends from our neighbour Portugal:

    ¡Major Roçadas Distribução!

    Major Roçadas Distribuçao is a distributor of craft beers and destillates from Portugal. This project was born as innovative, simple and excellence, including a portfolio of beers, and that is only the beginning. They count with craft beer breweries from Spain such as Yria, Reptilian or Falken, and besides, international breweries like Clown Shoes (EE.UU), among others. They will tell you more soon.

    If you one to know more about what they have prepared for you, you can take a look at their social media like Facebook (Major Roçadas Distribuição​), Tiwtter (@MajorRocadas) and Instagram (MajorRocadas). You know, if you travell to Portugal… don’t doubt it! You will find good beer wherever you go!

    More things! Let us see, have you dared to taste Sackman? If not, we remind you its product are ready in our online shop ( Whisky: https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/sackman-whisky/ ; Moonshine: https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/sackman-moonshin/). Now in addition, you will find is products at Chinaski Lavapiés. There’re no excuses! Sackman is waiting for you, do you dare?

    And last but not least, the last week we told you something about the 1st UFO FEST, well, today we want to introduce you to our new beer: UFO!

    UFO is our new Indian Pale Ale Cenntenial Edition, which is already available in our online shop: https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-ufo/  Alien hops invade us!

    Enough for this week. See you!

    Cervezas Yria
  • Nov062017

    Sackman: Do yo dare?

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    Good morning everybody! November is here and Christmas holidays are around the corner. Today we are going to tell you about Sackman: who they are, where they come from, their philosophy and their delights.

    Sackmanis a little distillery located somewhere in Spain where they craft in stills what they call “Sackman’s soups” and he, Sackman, selects malts and supervise the distillates.

    As it is said in their webpag (http://sackman.es/), Sackman is a character related to spanish folklore, what we call el Coco or El Hombre del Saco, and  Bogeyman or Sackman in other cultures. We usually imagine him as man who kidnaps children during the night. At the same time, we use this term when we speak of that thing someone feels an irrational fear to. So, it can be said we all have our own Sackman. Here’s where Sackman’s philosophy begins, what do you fear?; if you were not afraid, what would you?; what would you be capable of? This is their philosohy: daring.

    ” One day, Mr. SACK y Mr. BOEGY decided to take action and begin a project they thought of 25 years ago. Frightened and lovingly, they went in depht into the soul’s beverage”, this is how they narrate the birth of Sackman: daring and taking risks. Today, Sackman brews beer, whisky and Moonshine.

    Firstly, the beer. A Barley Wine craft beer barreal aged in port barreal and another one of whisky.

    Secondly,  whisky single malt barrel aged during 10 years in Pedro Ximenez barrels, and then, one more year in Kentucky Bourbon barrels. A limited serie of 666 unique bottles, of which Yria has some, which you have already available in the online shop: https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/sackman-whisky/

    Lastly, Moonshine, named after the english smugglers and the ilegal liquors from the Appalachians that they brewed and distributed clandestinely in U.S.A. durinf the Prohibition (1920-1930). Moonshine is a distillate of smoked malt and barrel aged during three months in a Cognac barrel.  The composition is the same of the whisky, and it can be said that this is a whisky with no barrel.

    This is also a limited serie of 500 bottles, of which Yria has some for you too. They are available in the online shop as well:  https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/sackman-moonshin/.

    Do you dare?

    See you!

    Cervezas Yria
  • Oct162017

    Collaboration in Santomera: Mild

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    Good morning everybody! Today we are going to tell you about a the Mild beer style: what is a Mild, its features, ingredients, etc. But first, we want to tell you a story. You know we like to tell you stories, so…

    Today’s story is located in Santomera (Murcia, Spain). Here, it is holdthe “Feria de la cerveza artesana de Santomera” ( Santomera’s Craftbeer Fest) since 2016. This year, its second edition has been celebrated in September and we decided to hit the road and be part of it (you have the poster above.)

    As you can see, this fest brought together many brewers. And you know what may happens when brewers reunite…So, we have to announce something. ¡We are expecting a Mild! The thing is, during Santomera’s fest the brewers brewed a collaboration organized by Yakka and we brewed a Mild. Its name is going to be Hughie’s Mild, named after Hugh from Yakka, who has been our guide during the breweing of this traditional british style recipe.

    Now, what is a Mild? A Mild is a traditional british style that today is a unsual. The Mild brewed in the north of England is strong, malty and has notes of walnut. Meanwhile, the one brewed in the south is more dark and sweet and has less alcohol.

    How is a Mild? The ingredients are: Malta Mild Ale, Dark Crystal Malt and Chocolate Malt; Northdown 8% and Bramling 6% hops; and Wyeast 1318 London ale III.

    Its colour is dark amber to reddish brown with whitis foam. Mild’s colour is classificated as 33 according to the European Brewing Convention (EBC) scale, and as 17 according to the Standard Reference Method (SRM) and  Lovibond (ºL)

    Tiene un color de ámbar oscuro a pardo rojizo con una espuma blanquecina. El aspecto de una Mild es 33 en la tabla de clasificación de la European Brewing Convention (EBC) y 17 en la tabla de clasificación de color de la Standard Reference Method (SRM) y los Grados Lovibond (ºL).  Approximately what it is inside the black circle:

    Its taste usually is sweet with notes of walnut, candy and biscuit. A soft flavour of malt and  Its flavour is soft, malt and candy. Milds are beers between  2.8-5.4% APV.

    Sounds good, eh? You know what comes next, pay attention to the blog. When the beer is ready, we will make the announcement in the blog.

    P.S. Many thanks to all people that came to Beermad to enjoy the atmosphere and share our beers. Yes, we have participated in Beermad too. You already know we radiate energy and love being in these events.

    Thank you so much!

    Cervezas Yria
  • Oct092017

    The Incredible Beer League (II)

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    Good morning, dear readers! We have woken up earlier this week, because we could not wait to tell you the good news: From now, you can enroll to The Incredible Beer League!

    From now, you can enroll to The Incredible Beer League and enjoy all the advantages. We remind you that members of The League have 20% discount in all the on-line shop and access to the whole catalogue for 10 years.  What you have to do is pay a single fixed membership fee of 250€. Et voilá! Then, you are part of The Incredible Beer League! Besides…

    ¡Habemus card! If you want to enroll to The Incredible Beer League, you just have to follow the link (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/carnet-de-miembro-de-la-increible-liga-de-la-cerveza/), or you can look for it in the on-line shop too. There, you can get your membership from now on. Once you have done it, it only remains that you begin to enjoy of the benefits in the on-line shop and the access to the catalogue for 10 years.

    Also, we want to tell you that the new beer of Yria is available in the on-line shop: Flow!

    See you!

    Cervezas Yria
  • Oct022017


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    Good morning, dear readers! How was the weekend? Our weekend was too short, what about yours? Well, well, don’t worry we have another long weekend soon. Today we have news:

    Yria has new image!

    We wanted to take a step forward for too long. To begin with, after seven years, we already have our own caps with Yria’s logo:

    In addition, we have redeisgn Yria’s T-Shirt too:

    By the way, it is already avaiable in the online-shop. As it is explained in the description, you have to tell us the size you want in the “Order Notes” section, which you will find when finishing the shop. The sizes are S, M, L, XL. Here you have the link: https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-camiseta/

    We have also redesing the image of our jams. Yes, we also make jam of beer. Until now, we have made two favours: Golden Ale and Porter. Yum! Now, the Golden Ale jam is available in the online shop: https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-mermela-golden-150-gr/

    After all these time, we were eager to share our enthusiasm and hapinnes with all of you.

    We want also to tell you about Tapapiés, a multicultural dest of “tapas” and music that takes place in Lavapiés from 19th to 29th, October.

    Our Friends from Chinaski Lavapiés take part in the event. Look what they have for you:

    A “tapa”, with vegan option, made with butterfish and papaya with rye beard, kumquat and Chia sedes. Looks good, right? This ad more “tapas” are waiting for you there.  Enjoy!

    Lastly, a little preview, this weekend is the opening of Falken Beer Club, in which Yria has colaborated. So, ¡we are going to Vitoria! You know we don’t stop! We will tell you more about it when we come back. However, if you have the opportunity, come and visit us the 28th October at Falken Beer Club!  See you next Monday!


    Cervezas Yria
  • Oct022017

    The Incredible Beer League (I)

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    We have many news to tell you about this week. But first, we want to tell you a bit more about Yria, so you get to know us a little more. So, we are going to tell you Yria’s history.

    As you know, Yria is small, you could also say that we are a small family with the same purpose: ¡beer! However, our passion for beer and our entrepeneur soul are no more than the tip of the iceberg of this adventure than we started seven years ago. So, we decided to go ahead and begin a double project of crowdfunding, aiming to grow more and bringing you good beers. A year ago, we started the first part of this project, which consisted in micro-investment. Today, we can say we are glad that it has been fulfilled. So, it is time to begin with the second part of the project. Some of you may wondering if we have gone mad. Let’s continue with the introductions.

    Ladies and genttlemen, we are glad to introduce you to …(drum roll)…


    Now we all know each other, let’s see, what is The Incredible Beer League? It is a group of people that likes beer and have some advantages for being part of this league. Which advantages? You will have a 20% of discount in all the products from the online shop and access to the catalogue for 10 years. What you have to do is pay a single fixed membership fee of 250€. Et voilá! Then, you are part of The Incredible Beer League!

    And…yes! We are going to leave it here for now again. But if you are eager to be part of The League, you can contact us using social networks or writing a comment below. In any case, keep an eye on the blog, we will continue telling you more about this soon. See you!




    Cervezas Yria
  • Jan212017

    Dry and bitter Tour Yria Aniversario

    Poco a poco desvelamos los eventos que compondrán nuestro aniversario del 4 al 11 de Febrero

    No hace tanto han abierto un nuevo local, con muchos medios y mucho oficio. El Sainete viene para quedarse, y nosotros tendremos el honor de inaugurar su sala de eventos.

    Soren, fundador y cervecero de Dry and Bitter estará todo el fin de semana con nosotros. Podremos probar sus creaciones, algunas muy limitadas que nos envía a propósito, y conversar con él para conocer un poco más sus cervezas y su proyecto.

    Plazas muy limitadas.

    Si no quieres o no puedes asistir a la cena no te preocupes, habrá un evento meet the brewer posterior donde se podrán tomar las cervezas del evento .

    Día a día seguiremos informando.

    esperamos veros a todas y a todos



    Cervezas Yria

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