DE MOLEN + YRIA = ¡Oye! & ohja!

DE MOLEN + YRIA = ¡Oye! & ohja!
26/12/2017 francisco botella

Good morning everyone! Firts of all:



From Yria, we wish you Merry Chistmas and a lot of beers from Santa and the Three Wise Men. There’s no harm in asking!

We have a surprise for you this week. Santa has visited us too, and he left a present for you all:




¡Oye! & ohja!





Yes! That’s the name of the beer we’ve brewed together, a wordgame with the two languages. The beer is still on progress but we’ll tell you somethings. It is a Baltic Porter with liquorice and 10%. Delicious!

As always, we are going to tell you how the process was. Our first visit to Holland was four years ago. At that moment, we went to participate in the Bier and Big Fest of Bierbigradier.

This was our srtand during the festival.

















We can’t believe it! Four years since that fest…Time flies! Well, We liked De Molen so much that we fell in love with it and this year we have gone back there to make a collaboration with our dear friends from De Molen.

Here you have some photos from our trip to Holland that received us covered with snow.


And yes, it was cold, reeeeeally cold.

Thank goodness everything

can be solved with

a good beer, right?









Let’s brew!

We wish we had those barrels with us righ now! OMG!

Well, for now, take a deep breath and be patience, which is the mother of all sciences. The new Baltic Porter is in progress and it will take a while. When it is ready, you will be the first to know. So, as usual, take a look from time to time to our social networks and this blog, we will keep you informed. For today is enough. We will see you next week and these great people of the photo below, we hope to see them sooner rather than later. Thank u so much! It has been a delight to work with you!

See you soon!


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