Yria(II): our beers!

Yria(II): our beers!
18/12/2017 francisco botella

Good morning everyone! Only one week left for Christmas, this year on Monday. Don’t tell me! You are looking forward that marvellous Christmas Monday, right? The final countdown has begun!

Weel, well, we have kept our word. As we said in the firts post of Yria’s serie, we are going to tell you about our brewer side. We introduce you to our beers, together with the links of the online shop.

100% YRIA

YRIA FLOW (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-flow/)


  • Vol. 9.5%
  • 300 ml
  • Yria Flow is one our most classic and beloved recipes. An Imperial Porter beer with 9% witht the lupulation of Black IPA but the malt base of a strong Porter. This beer has an intense aroma and dark colour. Brewed with a lot of love and flow.





YRIA UFO (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-ufo/)



  • IPA
  • Vol. 6.0%
  • 330 ml.
  • Yria UFO is our new American India Plae Ale craft beer. Dried, bitter and easily drinkable. Centennial Edition!





YRIA MANGO MAN (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-mango-man-2/)



  • IPA
  • Vol. 5.8%
  • 330 ml
  • IPA craft beer, slightly turbid and flavoured with Mango and a good quantity on Citra and Simcoe hops.








  • Xtra Pale Ale
  • Vol. 6.0%
  • 330 ml
  • A refreshing Pale Ale flavoured with tangerine and Citra and Mandarine Bavaria hops. Enjoy and repeat!





YRIA DEVA (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-deva/)


  • Mead
  • Vol. 9.0%
  • 330 ml.
  • This dry mead was brewed with ecological honey of thyme. Aroma of ceral, thyme and citric. Flavour of fruit, spices and bitterness. It is advisable to drink this beer cold.





Yria Prototype #1 (Soon)

  • Blond Ale
  • Vol. 5.5%
  • Blond Ale beer of mixed fermentation and fermented again in barrel of wine.



Las colaboraciones son la mejor manera de encontrar sinergias entre cerveceros de marcas tanto nacionales como internacionales. Consisten en hacer una cerveza maquinando una receta entre dos o más cerveceros, y fabricarla en «casa» de alguno. Muchas veces son de ida y vuelta.

En ellas siempre intentamos realizar estilos alejados de nuestra zona de confort. Donde aprender nuevas técnicas, manejar nuevos equipos… y pasar un rato agradable. Por eso suelen ser una práctica habitual.

En este apartado os presentamos las colaboraciones que hemos realizado hasta ahora. Algunas de ellas ya están disponibles en la tienda online y otras están todavía en proceso de elaboración.


YRIA/YAKKA VALYRIA (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-yakka-valyria/)

  • Imperial Wit
  • Vol. 7.1%
  • 330 ml
  • SEASONAL. Brewed every spring
  • A collaboration with our friends from Yakka.
  • A golden beer of high fermentation. Intense, enjoyable and sweet as well as drinkable. Its shot is warm, its depth is spicy and fresh. A gentle final bitterneess and an amazing fruit and flower aroma.


  • Water, barley maly (Pilsen, Munich and Carahell), wheat malt, unmalted wheat, hops, yeast, kumquats and coriander.




YRIA / YAKKA / REPTILIAN / FALKEN / TEMPEL THE FIGHT ELEMENT (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yriayakkareptilianfalkentempel-fight-elements/)

  • Barrel Aged Saison
  • Vol. 7.1%
  • 330 ml
  • SEASONAL. Brewed once a year.
  •  Multiple collaboration between friends! Temple Brygghus, Yria Cerveza Artesanal, Reptilian Brewery, Falken y Cervezas Yakka, Monastrell barrel magic and saison yeast with the figs as Darbyste style.







  • Saison
  • Vol. 7.0%
  • 300ml
  • A collaboration with H2ÖL to get a refreshing and saison beer inspired in the famous cocktail.








YRIA/ CR/AK/OITABA COLINA SATANTONIO OLD ALE (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-crak-oitaba-colina-satantonio-old-ale/)

  • Old Ale
  • Vol. 10.6%
  • 330 ml
  • Satantonio is a craft beer brewed in collaboration by Yria, CR/AK (Italy) and Oitaba Colina (Portugal). A traditional Old Ale british beer with 10.6%, the elegant smoked of the whisky malt and a touch of Moscatel of Setúbal, belonging to a great and small winery that makes marvelous wines.





YRIA/REPTILIAN THE NUCLEAR MUTANT BEASTS! VS. THE GIANT REPTILIAN FROM HELL! (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-reptilian-the-nuclear-mutant-beast-vs-the-giant-reptilian-from-hell/)


  • Black Rye Smoked Imperial IPA Cedar Ammareto Aged
  • 14.0%
  • The first of the Yria+Reptilian trilogy!
  • This wild and brutal beer brewed between mutant beasts and giant reptiles coming from hell. What’s this? This is a beer that combines rye cereal and barley with a Black IPA style, which is DIPA, smoked and amaretto BA. It has many hints such as wood rye, barley, hop chocolate, smoked, coffe and some fruit. A complex beer not suitable for any palate. 180 IBUs.



YRIA/REPTILIAN THEE BEER NINJA CLAN VS. THE ZOMBIE VIKING ARMY! (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yriareptilian-disciples-of-the-beer-ninja-clan-vs-zombie-viking-army/)


  • Braggot
  • Vol. 16.0%
  • 330 ml
  • This braggot was brewed by Yria and Reptilian. It is the second part of Yria and Reptiliand Trilogy. Brewed with rye malt and barrel aged with soaked rum oak. Aroma of rum, honey and vanilla.






  • Baltic Porter
  • Vol. 10.0%
  • This Baltic Porter was brewed by Yria and Reptilian is the third of Yria and Reptilian Trilogy. Brewed with cocoa, strawberries, brandy and strawberries liquor. Brandy barrel aged. A complex and silky back beer.



YRIA/KELTIUS SIXPOUNDER MEAD (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-keltius-sixpounder-hidromiel-bourbon-barrel-aged/)

  • Hidromiel
  • Vol. 23.0%
  • 330 ml.
  • 500 ml. (Bourbon Barrel Aged)
  • This mead was brewed according to the traditional Nordic Style in collaboration with In Peccatum Craft Beer in their facilities, located in Ourense. It was brewed with ecological chestnut honey, water and yeast (330ml.)
  • Aged in Bourbon barrel as well (500 ml.)
  • Now available in the online shop our Bourbon BA version (500 ml.)  (https://www.cervezasyria.com/producto/yria-keltius-sixpounder-hidromiel-bourbon-barrel-aged/)




You may remember the post about Mild beers and the collaboration we made in Santomera. If not, here you have the link: https://www.cervezasyria.com/2017/10/16/collaboration-in-santomera-mild-2/?lang=en. This beer is yet to come. When it is ready, we will tell you with a blog post. Meanwhile, her eyou have some details:

  • Mild Ale
  • Vol. 4.0%



  • DIPA
  • Vol. 8.0%



  • Double Pale Ale Lager
  • Vol. 10.0%
  • ADouble Pala Ale Lager brewed with AhtanunCentennial and Simcoe hops

Yria/De Molen (Soon)

  • Baltic Porter
  • Vol. 10.0%
  • Baltic Porter of low level fermentation with hints of licorice roots. Available in Spring.
  • This beer is the result of a collaboration, we will tell you about in another post soon!

These are our current beers and some that are yet to come. If you wish to taste some, you can follow the link and do the shiopping by following the steps. We distribute all over Spain, so you will receive your beers wherever you are. In regard to the beers yet to come, we will share with you their progress by using the blog or our social networks. When they are ready, we will notice you!

In the same way, if you are interested in selling our products in your establishment, shop, bar or taprrom, etc, we have available our catalogue with all of our products. If you want to receive our catalogue, please contact us by e-mail to yriadistribucion@cervezasyria.com or by telephone 630 461 297. We are at your disposal when it come to providing any information you may need.

In the next post of Yria’s saga, we will talk about products made from beer. In addition, next week weill be Christmas, we wish you the very best beginning of this beautiful time of the year and tones of beer!

See you!


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