Yria(I): Nice to meet you!

Yria(I): Nice to meet you!
05/12/2017 francisco botella

Good morning! Probably you’ve started this week with enthusiasm. Since there’s a long weekeng ahead, Monday looks better this way, right? Well, let’s begin! For this week, we have prepared the first post of what is going to be a serie of posts about Yria. This way, we can depth in this nice relationship we began some posts ago. If that’s not your case, don’t worry! Please, be welcome, pick a beer, take a sit and enjoy!

We’ll begin with the introduction.

Yria was born in 2010 in Noblejas (Toledo). Yria was created by Ani and Ernesto, when they decided to become their own bosses and turn their hobby, brewing beer, into their job and life style. We always say that Yria is like a small family. Well, it is indeed. In 2010, not only Yria was born, but also the little Yria, Ani and Ernesto’s daughter. Both share name and age.

At the beginning, we work with the Gipsy brewing method, that is, renting the facilities of other brewing companies to make our beer and legally sell our product. It was a very unfamiliar method in Spain yet. We worked that way until we decided to have our own microplant located in Noblejas, thanks to the city hall and a collaborative project with other brewing companies.

And this is how Yria took its first steps and has never stopped since then. Since that moment, we have released more than thirty beers, of which we are going to tell you about in the next post.

For today it’s enough, but we won’t leave you twiddling your hands. We keep working, so you satisfy your thirst with new breweries available in the online shop. One of this breweries is The Wild Beer Co., coming from England with a wide range of beers, styles and formats. Here you have some links, just take a look!:

Now you are bussy until next week, right? Just in case, we leave you a very special thing more:

Mikkeller/Artbeerfest Calma Calma

Aged in Port barrels ninety years old during twelve month.

Already available in the online shop:


See you!

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