Brewing expedition to Germany: Oktoberfest and Ayinger

Brewing expedition to Germany: Oktoberfest and Ayinger
24/11/2017 francisco botella

Good morning! How are you? We are glad to announce we are at the end of November and, the best of all, there will be a marvellous bridge soon. Good way of beginning the week, isn’t it? For this week, we have a one of our stories.

Today’s story is placed in a city called Munich, Germaany. Every year it is celebrated a beer fest in Munich, most commonly known as “Oktoberfest”. As you know, we never miss a single party, so we headed to those remote territories of the north.

Originally, the Oktoberfest of Munich was a camel race celebrated in honor of King Ludwig’s wedding. Incredibly, there is an bavarian association of camel farmers, so they thought camel races would be funny. (Indeed, it was funny.) Have a look at the picture below:

Here you have a photo of the assemblage of the carp with the “Brass Band” at the background. At the begining, having the band playing at the backgrund was funny. However, after some hours and some beers…but the worst came at the end when the german, already drunk, went up the tables. This is a photo of the beginning of the fest, later on the carp was crowded:

In the following photo, you have part of the expedition of the valiants who dared to travel to Germany:

And here you have the waitress of the Spanisch table of Ayinger, dressed with the typical clothes of the fest. She had really strong arms:

In addition, we also visitied Ayinger’s bar, where they were really nice with us and look how curious:

That’s how they pour the beer. In this photo, they were pouring the a beer from the barrel, the classic way.

As every year, the year coming the will celebrate the Oktoberfest again. In 2018m, Oktoberfest is going to be held 22 September to 7 October. Here you have the webpage, in case you are thinking of organizing a brewing expedition as well: https://www.oktoberfest.de/en/article/Oktoberfest+2017/About+the+Oktoberfest/Oktoberfest-Calendar+2018/4928/

Here finish today’s story. Maybe, there will be a second chapter next year. Who knwos?

Of course, we remembered you all a lot during our stay in Germany and our visit to Ayinger. So, we have brought you some souvenirs, , you’ll love them! Clue: you may drink it (blink, blink.)

And you have already some of them available in the online shop:

Ayinger Kirtabier:


Ayinger Altbairisch Pilsner:


Ayinger Bairisch Pilsner:


Ayinger Lager Hell:


Ayinger Kellerbier:


Ayinger Jahrhunderbier:


Ayinger Weizenbock:


And of course, Ayinger Celebrator:


As we have said before, these are some of them. Yes, some of them. There’re more! Well, better said, there will be more. In addition to others souvenirs you may not drink, you may use them, or you may drink with it, or maybe, you may wear it… Keep an eye on the blog and the online shop, there will me more souvenirs soon and we will announce it through the blog, as allways.

See you next week!

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