Born in 2010, this microbrewery located in Noblejas (Toledo), is part of the peninsular deans. It’s characterized by its independent spirit, experimentation, innovation and constant learning.



Yria is a family business, whose founders are Ani and Ernesto, Ernesto and Ani. When tired of offering our time to others, decided to turn our hobby into a lifestyle. As a curiosity, Yria is the name of our little girl, who shares the same age as the brand.


Initially, the dream of setting up a factory was complicated due to the lack of resources, so after a lot of turns and contemplating many options we knew the system of “Gipsy brewing” that was beginning to be used in other countries but in Spain was hardly known. It consisted of renting the facilities of other breweries to make our brand, and thus be able to commercialize the product legally.

“We turned our hobby into a lifestyle”


Since its birth in 2010, Yria has launched more than 30 differents beer to the market, own, as well as collaborations with other brewmasters.

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Our usual range of beers includes Gose, Imp Brown Ale, Mango IPA, Mandarina Pale Ale.

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Driven by the pursuit of quality above all else, originality and new suggestions, in a changing world that is calling for more and more effort on the part of the producer and distributor.

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We’ve launched more than 10 beers in collaboration with national and international brands such as Reptilian, Hanscraft & Co, Medina, Epojé, CR/AK or Passarolo between others.


We are immersed in an exciting process of growth and expansion, with the entry of new capitals, the acquisition of a new modern equipment and the positioning in countries like Russia, Italy or Germany.

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Yria producer has been in the market for six years, making it one of the oldest national. During this time we have been able to be present in more than 200 places of sales at national level, both of hostelry and minority trade.

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You can find Yria in Galicia, Asturias, Las Dos Castillas, Andalusia, Catalonia, Navarra, La Rioja, Valencia and Murcia. Also, Yria is present in several European countries, and with medium term projects of being present in some more. You can already find Yria in Sweden, Holland, France and Portugal.

Our online store will be opening soon!

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